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Cultural Immersion

Our team provides tailored immersive cultural content - recorded or live, that integrates smoothly into an academic course or standalone program.
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Customized Approach

We work directly with Faculty and Administrators to design experiences and modules that enrich existing courses or programs with an international component, or assist in developing new offerings altogether!
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Unique interactions

We provide backstage, behind the scenes access to major cultural institutions, as well as a look at real everyday life from the perspective of young people. Things you cannot easily find in other sources.
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Cases with International Companies

In addition to cultural immersion, we provide engagements and opportunities for collaboration with international businesses so that students will gain real practical exposure to help prepare them for the increasingly global workplace.

“The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless.”

- Michelle Obama

VEXA is a resource that enhances global competencies through transformational, engaging virtual experiences. Thanks to technology, VEXA is able to provide a broad range of students with international opportunities, whether it be inside of an existing academic course or in a standalone program, that can serve as a "jumpstart" for their later pursuit of travel abroad opportunities or can help form them into becoming a 'global citizen' which is so important in today's diverse work environment.


Young and qualified team

VEXA’s team is young but qualified. All language instructors have the right qualifications and experience teaching their native language as a foreign language professionally. Our cultural team mainly comes from creative background in the arts, theatre industry. Our business relationships are with well-known, in most cases, listed companies. At the same, the team is young and able to engage and relate well with our student audience.

Unique experiences

VEXA focuses on providing experiences that are not easy to find or readily available online. Backstage, behind the scenes access to cultural houses, local life and of course live interactions!

Custom- tailored approach

VEXA works closely with each and every institutional partner to create experiences that align with the desired learning outcome or objective from the course or program. 

Broader Audience

By leveraging technology, VEXA is able to make immersive, transformational virtual experiences available to a broader audience of students, thus promoting international learning and Education Abroad efforts on a global scale.

Constant Development

VEXA’s team is constantly developing and looking to implement cutting edge technology to improve its service, make experiences more engaging and transformational!

Easy to use platform

All content, meetings, live excursions and interactions occur in the easy to use VEXA platform, which also provides password protected security for all of the modules.

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