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Experience Contemporary Russia, virtually! In this module, you will travel to different locations around Russia, all while interacting directly with trained native speakers! Each week, you will go on a new journey consisting of a live video stream or a pre-recorded video and live interaction discussion to follow. Our guides, who are also students, will show you around and also give you an inside look into major sights in Russia. After doing this module, you will not only learn more about Russian culture but also greatly improve your practical command of the Russian language.


  • A current or recent student of Russian Language at the high school or college level. 
  • Be open to new experiences and have a genuine interest in improving cross cultural intelligence. 
  • Have access to a desktop PC or smartphone. 

Session 1

A Walk in the center of Moscow: Chistye Prudy and Myasnitskaya Street
10  4

There are lots of beautiful historical streets in the center of Moscow, and Myasnitskaya street is one of them. During our video-excursion, Sophia will take a walk along Myasnitskaya and introduce interesting buildings, historic businesses and show people Which place will you like the most?

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My Sample Quiz
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Live Session 1
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Session 2

One day in a Moscow residential area
0  0

You probably already have heard or seen about the most famous places in Moscow such as the Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square and Gorky Park. But do you know how ordinary Muscovites live? In this experience, we will explore a typical Moscow residential area, discuss a Muscovites’ daily routine as well as consider what a person can do to find comfort in a modern megapolis like Moscow.

Live Session 2
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Session 3

Kazan: The meeting place of two cultures!
1 hour0  0

Kazan is a city in the south-west of Russia, located on the banks of the Volga and Kazan. Kazan is a place where two cultures, two religions and two languages live in peace. You will visit the popular tourist spots, taste traditional dishes, and learn how people live in Kazan.  

Live Session 3
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Session 4

Become an expert on Russian cuisine! Let’s cook “Okroshka” together. ”
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Live Cooking with Nina (Nina Ladinskaya)

We will prepare the most popular summer dish in Russia - cold Okroshka soup. Also, we will discuss Russian cuisine, its history and learn many new and interesting dishes! If you want to cook with us online, then prepare the following ingredients. If not, you can still watch and cook on your own next time! 

boiled potatoes - 3 pcs.

cilantro, chives, parsley

cucumbers - 3 pcs.

boiled beef or pork - 300 gr

boiled eggs - 3 pcs.

kefir - 400 ml

sour cream - 2 tablespoons

mineral sparkling water - 100 ml




Live Stream
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Session 5

Saint Petersburg – the cultural capital of Russia. Let’s explore it together!
5 minutes0  0

Do you know why Saint Petersburg is called the, “Cultural Capital”, the, “city of White Nights” or, “Venice of the North”? Why did many of the most famous Russian writers, artists, architects live and work in  this city? What attracts so many tourists to Saint Petersburg? Let’s take a virtual tour of Saint Petersburg and see for ourselves. We will take a look at the most famous sightseeings of the city including museums, famous and bridges.  We invite you to learn about this amazing city with us!

Live Session 5
1 hour0  0
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