Welcome to VEXA!

VEXA is a resource that can enhance any academic course or program by providing transformational virtual experiences that build and promote global competencies.

VEXA works closely with faculty and administrators of each partner institutions in order to align course learning objectives with virtual content. Content consists of recorded cultural videos, live meetings/excursions and social media engagement. If needed, VEXA can arrange for guest lectures from academic institutions abroad to offer academic content as a framework for cultural immersion.

VEXA believes in a well-rounded experience that should expose students to all of the main aspects of a physical trip: language immersion, cultural and social experiences as well a potential for international work experience.

An experience can be:

  • A cultural video that was uniquely created for the program and topic.
  • A live language lesson.
  • A live video stream session, tour, and Q&A. 
  • Local business professionals offering an inside look, tour at a multinational business (by prior arrangement).


See an example of video content here:

Who facilitates the experiences?

VEXA has assembled a community of young guides and collaborators, who live in the ‘host’ country and are locals, but are fluent in English. These guides create content in their home city, or travel to locations relevant to the topic. We closely manage who is in our community and know each of them personally.

We are always looking to expand our community and if you are interested to provide experiences for students, please contact us.


As a faculty member you get:

  • A dedicated team to customize content that aligns with your specific course objectives and outcomes. 
  • An international component that will enhance your course and an additional resource to assess students with.
  • An easy to use and integrate resource – minimal time needed to integrate into course syllabus.
  • An opportunity to give students an inside look at a country without physically going there.

As an Administrator you get:

  • An accessible, student friendly resource that will provide a broader range of students with international opportunities and generate additional interest and comfort with Education Abroad offerings. 
  • A “jumpstart” experience for an Educational Abroad offering, providing students with pre-trip orientation.
  • An alternative resource to offer students who cannot travel abroad.

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